1. PM kit (Preventive Maintenance Checklist) – This service is carrying out once or twice a year, depending on the wish of the client. All parts that need to be replaced during maintenance (this list has been compiled and approved by Agilent, the customer must purchase these parts on their own) are replacing with the permission of the customer. The device is contained in full readiness for operation.
  2. OQ/PV (Operational Qualification/Performance Verification) – Accredited laboratories use this service once or twice in a year. The procedure seems like detailed “PM” and based on testing the entire equipment with the help of specific standards and software provided by Agilent. At the end of the procedure, the client is provided with an official document, which is a device that works perfectly well and can give accurate analysis results. The provided document is valid for up to one year after the date of its subscription.
  3. Unlimited calls for service –This option allows you to communicate with Technical Support Team at any time, and approach for services, for all issues arising in devices, upgrading for one year. In accordance with the terms of the contract, servicing the problems will start no later than 48 hours after an order (if there is no contract signed, this process can prolong for more than 1 week).
  4. Calls for service without a contract – for the first 2 hours of operation, the cost of the service will be from 200 to 250 manat (depending on the type of equipment). If the service time lasts more than 2 hours, each subsequent hour will cost 100 AZN.